Monday, April 1, 2013

Calvinball: Final Count

I had so much fun playing Calvinball with the JBS Mercantile gang this month. I hope Doris has another fun game up her sleeve pretty quickly. I just love all these games! Meanwhile, I have 3 points to add from yesterday to give my recap for the month.

My Calvinball total so far this month:

Daily Blogging- 29.5 points
Layouts- 13
Scheming- 1 point
cleaning up after yourself- 3 point
shopping- 1 point
scrapbooking past my bedtime- 1 point
linking to calvinbloggers-1 point
reorganizing-1 point
retro stash item- 1 point
using a photo w/in a week of taking it- 2 point
using a new technique and reporting on it- 1 point

Dyeing Eggs- 1 point

Total: 55.5 points

I didn't count my scattergories layouts. I made a few but that was before Calvinball got going. So I felt weird including those. I will say I am happy with the results. When I started playing, I wasn't sure I would get many points. Then We had the family emergency and I thought all was lost. It just goes to show how much one can be inspired by playing a game.

Meanwhile, the gorgeous April kits are now in stock. I may be pulling out some wedding photos for this month's kit. I am also enamored with the new Historian kit. It's aimed at PL but I am pretty sure I can mix it up with my kits too. I did splurge this month. I added on the JBS Row Houses punch. I can't wait to get my hands on them.

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