Monday, April 15, 2013

Game On! A Sort of Recipe

Today, I am doing something unusual. I am blogging about food. Doris issued a centipede challenge to share your favorite recipe. This is quite a challenge for me since I am not much of a cook. I decided to share one of our simple, but healthy meals that has become a recent family favorite. I like it because it takes very little time to prepare. This means I can spend more time with my family or scrapbook to my hearts content. This meal is even so easy to make, that sometimes, my son cooks it for us.

Cindy's Roasted Red Pepper dressing and marinade
rice or pasta
chicken- 1 large, or 1 small chicken breasts
peppers- green, red, orange or yellow
sliced mushrooms

Our supermarket packages a medley of green, red and orange peppers. This is a timesaver for me. You might ask if your local supermarket will do the same for you. Sometimes they even put mushrooms in it.

Another time saver: if you plan to grill chicken, grill up a few chicken breasts without seasoning, you can dice them and freeze them for this recipe later in the week. Then you can skip step one. You can also use any leftover pasta or plain rice should you have any in the fridge from a previous meal.

1. dice some chicken breasts and brown them in a pan. Or grill them then dice them.
2. While the chicken is cooking, saute the peppers and mushrooms in a little bit of olive oil. Cook the rice or pasta if you don't have any leftovers.
3. Mix the chicken and the peppers, then serve over the rice or pasta. Pour a little of the red pepper dressing over the top.

Yes, it's that easy. Like I said, I am not much for cooking. Cindy does make other dressings and marinades which you can substitute for the red pepper dressing. I found her dressings in a refrigerator in our produce department. This is a very budget friendly meal. It allows me to use up a lot of leftovers. You can feed 3-4 people on it. Add more chicken if your family is larger.

This adds another segment to my centipede. If you would like to play along with the JBS Mercantile crew, head on over to the community forums to see the list of challenges. Many of them are super easy like this one. If you play along, you have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate from JBS Mercantile. See the details here.

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  1. I did almost the exact same recipe on Sat night except with steak and fajita sauce, then sauted mushrooms, peppers and onions. YUM!