Saturday, March 1, 2014

Game On! Time to play Calvinball!

It's that time again! Calvinball is a game of ever changing rules. The main goal is to have fun and use up your stash of supplies. Smack talk is encouraged.

Here are the rules so far:

1. game runs from March 1st till midnight on March 31st.
2. one layout (or half of a 2 page spread), one project life page = one point
3. one mini-album page (covers count as pages), one card, one tag = 1/2 point each
4. projects = 1/2 - 2 points, depending on size.

Bonus points:
1. First time playing Calvinball = 1 point
2. Showing up at the March 1 GIS Crop = 1 point
3. Blogging about playing Calvinball with a link to this thread = 1 point (may be awarded prior to the official onset of the game)
4. Blogging updates to your Calvinball status = 1 point (may be awarded once per week)
5. Commenting on 10 Calvinballer's layouts = 1 point
6. Commenting on 10 Calvinballer's blog posts = 1 point
7. Putting 10 layouts into albums = 1 point (may be awarded once per week)
8. Bringing in a new recruit = 1 point (per recruit)
9. Updating Calvinball status on other social media = 1 point (may be awarded per media once per week)
10. Taking the style quiz (see below) and posting the results = 1 point

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