Friday, March 21, 2014

Project Life and Gratitude, Part Two

Last November, I shared the beginnings of my Gratitude project. I worked it into my Project Life spreads and I loved the results. I finished the project, but I recently realized that I had neglected to share them here.

I managed to capture a picture of a rat last November. That might seem odd to some, but rats are kind of like squirrels here. They aren't something I encountered while living in Florida. This particular pest came sneaking out to steal bread from the ducks we were feeding at the edge of the pond.

This page is the companion to the one above it. I wanted to capture some of the sights on our daily walks around the island.

On Black Friday, I spent the day cropping with friends. I wanted to document that, but I also wanted to document the many times I worked Black Friday when I was in retail management. It's not somethign that I miss. Some of my wildlife pages overflowed to this spread, but I am ok with that. I also documented our unseasonably warm weather.

During the month of November, my husband took me out to eat quite  a bit. One of my favorite spots was Mosaic. I thought this patterned paper was perfect for this spread.

I used the back of the mosaic print paper for some random photos. Since we had purchased our car 5 years ago in November, I wanted to document the odometer. Our mileage would be quite a lot more if we were still living in Florida.

Instead of making separate pages for each part of our Thanksgiving day, I used pocket pages to document what we cooked. There is an accompanying 12x12 layout of our main course.

I enjoyed the gratitude project quite a bit. I have decided to add it into my everyday PL spreads. After all, we should find something to be thankful for every day. I find I have a lot of things to be grateful for. How about you?

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