Friday, March 7, 2014

Recent Snaps and Calvinball

It's finally Friday! I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend which will begin as soon as my husband comes home from work. Looks like we will have some lovely weather. I hope to keep adding to my calvinball points. Here are my results to date:

Layouts: 5
Project Life: 8
Blogging about Calvinball with link: 1 point
taking the Style quiz: 1 point
SHowing up to the March GIS crop= 1 point
Learned a new Technique-1 
Sorted digital kits- 1 point
Organizing scrap space- 6 ( taking a point for each section of shelves- did the stamps, PL, embossing folders and albums)
Organizing Digital files-1
Free point for not being intimidated by Celeste-1
Sharing a Photo of my Workspace- 1
Participating in a GIS podcast- 1

Total: 28 points

Celeste has quite a lead! Perhaps, just maybe, I can try to catch up over the weekend. Meanwhile, I will be finishing some classes I started and listening to some of the Give Your Photos Stories podcasts. Yesterday, I was the guest for a podcast about recent photos. I hope you will check that out and join us for some calvinball fun over in the forums. If you decide to come play calvinball, tell them I sent you. I would love a bonus point for a new recruit!

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  1. lots of organizational points! go you! you're all set to scrap now! at least till wednesday!