Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ten Things on the Tenth

Hmm... three blog posts in one day. Seems like I have a lot of free time on my hands these days. I am getting ready to sit down in my creative space and after checking in on Twitter, I decided I wanted to post 10 things too. I keep seeing everyone post their's. So why not join in?!?!

It's October and I can't help but think of Fall and Halloween. So I am going to post 10 things about this month that I want to do and that I look forward too.

1. Nineteen years ago I started dating my husband. Every October we reminisce about those days, so long ago, yet so very fresh and new in our minds. I am thinking I should make another layout for our wedding and honeymoon album. It's still a work in progress even after all this time.

2. 31 days of Horror Movies. My son and I love watching them. No, he doesn't get nightmares. I love having a DVR and watching all the classics with him that are showing this month.

3. Halloween crafts. My son and I made one so far ( pictured above). We found the supplies for several others we meant to make but didn't. Our goal is to finish those off.

4. Fall video games. This year, Hubby is playing Dishonored and I love to watch and scrapbook while he plays. It's like watching a movie but helping decide how the plot goes.

5. Carving a pumpkin and roasting the seeds. Sometimes it's a challenge to find a pumpkin where I live. they have to be shipped onto the island. Crossing my fingers we can find one.

6. pumpkin flavored coffee. I have been enjoying this for over a week now. I should have bought 2 more boxes though. Note to self for next year.

7. Baking pumpkin bread. I do this every year but I think I should maybe add some new recipes to the mix. I adore pumpkin flavored baked goods.

8. Making spider web cookies with my son. My mom gave me the recipe when he was a toddler. We try to make them every year.

9.Cooler weather. Still not here yet, but I hope to open my windows soon and turn off the AC.

10.Halloween. This year, I am hoping to make it extra special for my son as he is nearing the age in which the magic starts to fade.

What are your ten things? Share with everyone over at Shimelle's blog.
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  1. So glad you decided to jump in with your 10 things! Great list, reminds me why this is my favorite time of year.

  2. Lovely planning for October! I posted about the last 10 blogs I added to my reader :)

  3. Great plans for October! Except the horror movies, I hate horrors - they give ME nightmares! Mmm, I'm looking forward to roasting pumpkin seeds too. x

  4. I love this time a year, too, and I'll take pumpkin in anything!