Friday, May 1, 2015

Welcome May!

May is one of those months that is just filled with excitement in the scrapbook community. There is a lot going on, especially since iNSD ( International/ National Scrapbook Day) happens on the first Saturday of the month. There is also LOAD515. LOAD or layout a day is a challenge in which you create a page a day for the whole month. I do plan to be in the thick of it all. How? With a little careful planning on my part.

First, my plan for LOAD515. This isn't a public challenges. Rather, it's one that is run through the group site. Scraphappy is a group membership. The benefits to joining include access to all of the Layout a Day challenges( several of which are for the family group only), free webinars and monthly scrapbook inspiration in the community.I am a member of Scraphappy and have been for several years. Anyway, the LOAD 515 theme this year centers around music. My approach for the month will be a bit relaxed. I am not trying to complete a page a day plus my creative team work. I will incorporate that work into my monthly page count. Some of the work I can't share right away and I am ok with that. I am making this more of a personal challenge.

If you are thinking about joining a Layout a Day Challenge, you might want to check out some of my posts about past LOAD preparations:

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Of course, the iNSD events will be a large contribution to the number of pages I make. Saturday, I will be joining members of the Get It Scrapped communtity in a live online crop. I generally make 2-4 pages on a crop day depending upon how much time I spend chatting. Today is all about getting ready for a full day of scrapbooking tomorrow. I will be perusing my photo library to see if any pictures catch my attention. I will also be looking around at my various sources of inspiration. However, if you really want to get pumped up for tomorrow, the best bet is to watch the DigiScrap Geek Podcast Live show!

One of the great things about iNSD is all of the sales and giveaways. Speaking of which, today is the last day to enter the DigiScrap Geek Podcast(#DSGPromo) giveaway. You can enter until 12:15 Pm Eastern. There are lots of great prizes including a membership to History Lines. Just click her to enter. You don't have to be present to win.

I hope you have a productive and fun iNSD. If you are shopping,I wish for you to have a great haul of supplies found at the lowest possible prices. Happy Scrapbooking Day!

P.S. I made a short process video of a hybrid layout to kick my creative spirit into gear. You can watch it here.

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