Monday, May 11, 2015

A Super Hero Desk Sign with Deflecto Craft Solutions

This month's theme inspiration for Deflecto Craft Solutions features Dads and Grads. It's also the end of  my son's first year as high school student.Now typically, I know most people don't celebrate graduation from 9th grade. However, I wanted to give him a little something(partially practical) that he could use in the upcoming school term. Homeschool kids have the option of continuing on through the summer months and my son has chosen to continue on his computer programming lessons throughout the summer.

We're huge fans of the Marvel and DC universes, so I figured that a gift featuring a comic book hero  would be perfect for him. The cool thing about this gift is that it's perfect for anyone who loves superheroes whether they are Dads or grads from any grade level. So what exactly is this gift? It's a themed wet erase sign.

The wet erase sign comes as you see here. It's designed to work with chalk markers. You can decorate it with a drawing or jot down a to do list. Now I know what you are thinking. That's for an office not for a kid. A few alterations is all you need to make any kid(or dad) think it's cool.

The first step is to paint the base. You probably want to have a superhero in mind so you can coordinate the colors. We're going with a Batman theme, so silver works well. Use spray paint for a nice even finish. I used a metallic silver from Krylon and of course, I completed this step outside in a well ventilated area. The chalkboard slides out of the base. Remove it before you paint,then you can decorate the chalkboard while the base dries.

You are going to need something to create a trim or border along the top of the chalkboard frame. Washi tape or ribbon will work well. If you want something really sturdy with a nice metallic finish I recommend HVAC metal repair foil tape. Cut a strip long enough to go across the length of the chalkboard. The tape is really wide. If you like, trim it down just a bit, then adhere it to the chalkboard.

Choose a sticker or tag to decorate the sign with. I am using a clothing tag I saved from one of my son's t-shirts. Any super hero themed stickers would work.  To make your sticker or tag a little more sturdy, adhere it to a piece of chipboard and trim off the excess parts. You can then use liquid adhesive or hot glue to add it to the chalkboard.

The nice thing about being able to remove the chalkboard is that it makes it easier to write on. You might want to write a simple message on the sign before gifting it. Don't forget to include a pack of the chalk markers!

A little paint and a few decorations will give you a unique gift that your child(or dad) will be sure to love. After making one for my son, I am now contemplating how I might customize one for my own desk.

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