Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tales of a Craft Class Junkie: March Classes

The month of March is almost here and I am super excited about the classes that will be taking place. I will be a guest teacher for Get It Scrapped. The topic for this month's Masterful Scrapbook Design e-zine is Photoplay. I have yet to see what my fellow teachers have contributed. I am looking forward to seeing their take on the subject so that I can expand my ideas of playing with photography and photo editing.

 I was also excited to see a new event launch for March. It's called Style is Leverage. It has taken me awhile to become comfortable with my own memory keeping style. At times, I still feel a little undefined. The more one knows about themselves and how they work, the faster they scrapbook. Confidence is key. It allows for better product choices and less time fussing about with a page( most of the time anyway). It will be interesting to see how much more I learn about myself after I participate in this event!

Would you like to join me in these classes? Style is Leverage is being offered individually, however, it's also a part of the Get It Scrapped membership. I have been a member since the beginning. The program has really helped me come a long way. If you aren't sure about it, you can read my complete thoughts and see how my pages have evolved by clicking here.

Want to participate in just the 5 day event?   Click here to view more details

Want to participate in the 5 day event and enjoy the Masterful Scrapbook Design e-zine?You must be a registered member before March 21st to get access.
Click here to view more details

Stay tuned. I have several layouts to share from this month's Masterful Scrapbook Design topic. We've been breaking the rules with Scrapbook Coach lessons!

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