Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekend Update

It's Friday! While nothing unusual will be happening in my household, something new and exciting is happening behind the scenes on the blog. I haven't been posting a whole lot. This is, in a large part, due to my learning how to build a website. Yes, you heard me right. I took the plunge and bought a web domain. Currently, I am building some content and hope to launch it very soon.

Here is a little peek at  the new site. The idea of a web site emerged last fall. My son said my blog wasn't quite me and I needed something of my own. I played around with designing my own custom header. I still wasn't quite getting what I wanted. Over time, and with the encouragement of my family, the idea of a website formed and here we are.

I did want to give everyone a heads up about the upcoming changes. I have the option to import this blog within the new site. I have begun the process but am not sure quite what will happen when I press the go button. We shall see.

Stay tuned here or to twitter for further details.
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  1. oh i really like that new header! your son's right! it does look much more you!