Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekend Forecast: Calling for a Freeze!

It's pretty hot where I live right now, but there is going to be a freeze on July 1st! More about that in a moment.

I did want to share a quick update about the website. I will be able to integrate this blog into the new site. You won't notice any major changes to the blog itself. You will notice some minor cosmetic changes such as the new header. I have had a few other commitments pop up which have delayed me working on the website as much as I wanted to. Currently, I am working at adding some content on the back end so that when the site launches, there will be some nice things for you to read.

The blog will continue to provide you with inspiration from my design team endeavors as well as interesting challenges and fun things around the internet. My goal with the website is to provide you with a set of resources such as sketches, color palettes, tutorials and product reviews. I have some exciting news things happening this fall and the website is just a step toward sharing all of that with you.

Meanwhile, you might still be wondering how it's going to freeze when it's so warm in the Northern Hemisphere. The freeze is a self imposed spending freeze. I can't take the credit for the idea. It all started over at ClubCK with friends I made in their forums. Sadly, the ClubCK forums have closed their doors recently. Many of us who became friends on that forum have found ways to keep in touch and keep some of the creative spirit and support alive. Some of my peeps proposed a spending freeze which I chatted about with some scrappy pals on other social media. Which led to them wanting to play along too.

Now you either have decided to play along or you think we are all crazy. After all,who doesn't want new supplies, right? I admit that I always want more. However, in an effort to keep to my budget and the constraints of my creative space, I have to make smart decisions that work for me. I tend to make my purchases in spurts during big sales or when warehouse boxes are available. My supply needs have been more than met and it's time to close the wallet.

My peeps have all agreed on some basic rules. No spending at all except for:

1. Kit Club subscriptions
2. adhesive
3. basic cardstock if you run out
4. Photo supplies such as prints, ink or photo papers
5. Use of household items/recycled materials is encouraged
6. Free items including gifts or free kits on the web are allowed.

You can make the rules more stringent upon yourself if you would like to. I have known ladies who will use brads or sew their layouts together rather than go spend money on new adhesive. That's totally up to you.

We do allow kit club purchases because some kit clubs require you to sign up for a specific time frame. If you end your subscription prior to the specified time frame, you may incur a penalty fee. Honestly, I also think kit clubs can be a good thing for your budget. IF you have it in your budget, a kit club is a surefire way of receiving the latest and greatest materials while knowing exactly what you will be spending each month.

There isn't a grand prize at the end of the freeze. If you are asking yourself what's the point besides helping out your budget, I will assure you there are several other benefits. When you can't run out to the store to buy some special paper or embellishment, you learn how to adapt what you have. It ignites your creativity and you will most likely get around to trying some of those new techniques or ideas you added yo your pinterest boards. You start shopping your supplies and learn better how to make your own kits. It feels good to use the things you might have forgotten you owned. As you shop your supplies, you can purge the things you know you will never use.

The biggest benefit of all is the sense of community. It's fun to support your friends and to share new tips or techniques along the way. Making changes to your lifestyle is always easier with support.

Now, there are still a few ladies stocking up on things. This means packages may be arriving in the next few weeks with new goodies. It's up to you whether or not you want to use those right away or save them for after the freeze is over as a treat for yourself.

In the meantime, you need to start changing your way of thinking. Delete sale emails or, if you do open them, do so and consider how you might just scraplift the goodies seen within the flyer using your own supplies.

Are you ready to freeze this summer? We will be tweeting about it on twitter, blogging about our adventures and sharing our photos on instagram. You are all welcome to join in on the fun. My friend @messtaken_ID has already shared a blog post!

The Official Freeze Starts July 1st!

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