Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Scientific Method: Pie Charts

It seems a lot of people out there love the pie chart trend. The topic has come up on scrapbook forums and among my creative team members. It would also seem that many people find themselves pie chart challenged. Some of my friends have lamented the fact that making a simple pie chart is more complex than it seems.

I wanted to share a tutorial all about making your own pie chart. It ended up being just a few steps, and honestly that was pushing it. I ended up writing a little article for the Scrapbook News and Review Magazine blog instead. 

If I had gone ahead with the tutorial, it would have looked like this:

Step One: print template and cut it out.

Step Two: trace template pieces onto patterned paper and cut.

Step Three: adhere pieces together onto your layout.

See...not hard at all!

If you do decide to hand cut your own pie chart, remember to be forgiving. By that, I mean that I don't know anyone who can perfectly hand cut a circle. I think that's the problem with pie charts. People want theirs to look precise. The only way you will get a precisely perfect pie chart is to buy a die cut, cut one on a Silhouette machine, or use a stamp.

I don't know how long the pie chart trend will continue. As with any trend it's best to just  relax and enjoy the fun while it's here.

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