Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Interview With This Memory Keeper's Life

I was nervous about it at first, but by the time Friday came, I was perfectly calm. Debbie is so easy to chat with and the time sped past. If you'd like to listen in on our conversation, you can check it out at This Memory Keeper's Life.

My son was listening in on the conversation. He did want me to add one thing. He told me I forgot to say that he is part of where I get my inspiration. Indeed he is. Often, when I am feeling stuck, I ask him to help me out. Sometimes he tells me what I can or can not use on a page. It's kind of like a challenge. For example, he will tell me I need to use small squares of paper, bright colors, and emoticons for a page. Other times, I let him play with my tools. Children have very few inhibitions when it comes to trying things. They have not read the instruction manual for your machines. So within, reason, letting a kid experiment can bring interesting results. One day, I let him play with my Texture boutique. He loves running the embossing folders through for me. He decided to use some clear packaging and he ran it through multiple times. Each time he used a different folder. The result was pretty interesting. So, long story short, if you feel stuck, ask a loved one. You might be surprised at how much  they can help you out.


  1. Great advice, Christy! and congrats on the interview - I've been so busy with my grandkids here that I haven't had time to listen - but I will!

  2. Love the interview. I am quickly becoming a class junkie too! Wish I had more money to take more classes!