Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday, Monday

It's here again. I wish the weekend were longer and my husband could stay home more. Mondays are when I have to start back to housework and when my son starts back to homeschool. This week is a little different. I still have housework, but my son does not have a lot to do for school since it's summer. I'm catching up on the Masterful Scrapbook Design Seminars. I sit down for short stretches, in between the housework, to scrap a little. I usually only get a long stretch to work on crafts in the evenings or on weekends ( unless I am spending time with family). So I have learned to work in short spurts.

I sort of do my housework in the same way. Little bits get done here or there. My son has a hard time sitting for hours, as do I. So we take 10 minute breaks during the school day, during which, I dust or vacuum a room. Everything gets done within a day or so, leaving me time to scrapbook during our breaks.

It makes me sound very organized. I am, sort of. I am by no means caught up on all of the things I want to do for my scrapbook albums. I always have more ideas than the time to implement them. I do work on a layout almost every day, even if it's just for 10 minutes.

Where am I right now?
- behind on project life. WAY behind. I am ok with it. I haven't worked on it since February. Life threw a wrench my way and I had to prioritize. Creative team stuff came first.
- working on layouts for Get it Scrapped and Scrapbook News and Review Magazine. I see these like creative challenges. Though I will admit I wish I had more time for a few I have seen lately
- catching up on classes I have been taking
- Finishing prep work for my son's official start of the next grade level in homeschool

I keep hoping I will feel caught up. My goal is to feel that way by the end of August. We shall see!

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