Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Journal Tag

Sometimes, you need a little creative jump start. Sometimes, you want to create, but time is limited. Either way, it can be a blast to play around with a few leftover items. You just need to look around your desk.

Around 11 pm the other night, I wanted to create something, anything, but my time was limited. I really needed to head off to bed. Couple that constraint with the creative block I had been feeling lately...and I ended up with a sort of hopeless feeling of another night without anything accomplished.

  I started poking around my desk and I saw the leftover packaging from some Sassafrass flowers. I had been wanting to use it for something. just had no clue as to what. On my computer, I had the SNR color palette for this week, and suddenly the lightbulb came on! The trim in the Sassafrass packaging was the same color as one of the colors in the palette. I set to work gathering a few materials here and there. I chose each one based on the color of the palette. In a short time, I came up with this sweet little journal tag:
                 Journal Tag by Christy Strickler Supplies: ribbon: Prima;
      flower: Sassafrass; Alphas: My Little Shoebox;
other: electrical tape, packaging

I am not quite sure when I will use it. I will say thought that I am far more likely to do something with it now that it's cute and finished. I did have to come back in later and use glossy accents on the letters. It seems stickers do not like to stay on glossy packaging surfaces. All in all, it's a cute tag that can be used for a spring or summer page.

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