Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Focus on Photography

I have a big announcement coming soon. I know, kind of a vague way to tease you. I don't know when I can tell you about it. All I can say is that, I have set out to try yet another new endeavor. I have been bursting with the secret for weeks and I find I need to share something just so I don't go crazy. Ready for a hint? It has to do with photos. I know. That's vague too. Alas, that is all I can share for now. So I asked myself about what I could share with you. The answer is anything photo related. 

Maybe you noticed I was posting a lot of photo stuff on MSE this week? Well, I love photos. I collect cameras(mostly analog). I don't have a lot of cameras but that doesn't negate the fact that I collect them. I also hoard scrapbook supplies featuring cameras. So I figured that since it's sort of an obession then perhaps I should make this week( and perhaps the next) have topics with a focus on photography.

Photos are a huge part of memory keeping. Without them, well, I suppose one could write a diary, but in some ways that just wouldn't be the same.  A photo is a time machine and when you see it, it immediately transports you back into the moment. The desire to take good photos for my albums is part of what fueled my obsession with cameras and the art of photography. If you aren't already camera obsessed, then maybe I can fuel you with a little inspiration.

Here are some posts both old and new regarding photos and cameras from MSE:

A Game of Feathered Leap Frog recounts the tale of how I  spent a little time trying to capture a Bahamas Kingfisher. Birds can be elusive creatures. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience and luck to capture just the right shot!

Don't believe me about hoarding camera themed scrapbook supplies? Check this article out. I made a few recommendations about using the camera themed motif for your projects. I also have a few supply suggestions. Well, I tried to keep it to just a few. I had a hard time limiting myself. Time for a confession, I do own most of the supplies I suggested. Almost all of them. I need to use them more. Maybe put a camera on every layout I make.

I would like to say that all of my endeavors are successful but that wouldn't be true. This particular article covers a DIY pinhole camera that my son and I made for a homeschool project. The camera may not have worked( builder error) but at least I ended up with some great pocket pages!

This article covers some of my current favorite photography resources.  I collect information about cameras and taking photos with as much gusto as I collect scrapbook supplies. So yes. I have a lot of resources. I assure you that the article includes just a few. If you want to see tons more, then check out my Pinterest board.

I have been doing experiments and striving to learn better still life photography for awhile. This article highlights some of my first experiments as well as showing how I store my props.

These are just a few of the photography based articles on MSE. If you are interested in reading more, check out the archive for the In My Camera Bag series.

I promise to share the big news as soon as I can. I know some of you are busy and don't have the time to stop by every day. If you want an easy way to stay in touch, consider signing up for my newsletter.

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