Sunday, June 21, 2015

4 of my Favorite Scrapbook Layouts for Father's Day

Watching my husband and son together always reinforces  how much I love them both and how lucky we are to have my husband in our lives.My husband and son have a very close bond. In honor of Father's Day, I have curated a round up featuring some of my favorite layouts with my husband and son together.

This remains one of my all time favorite photos of my husband and son together. It was taken in one of those photo machines at Chuck E Cheese.

My son loved for my husband to push him on the swings. While I do love the whole layout, what I really love best is the photo. It gives a little glimpse into how attached these two are. ( I originally made this page for JBS Mercantile. See the post about it here.)

Many of my layouts show glimpses how caring and attentive my husband has always been with our son. (You can see the original post for this page here)

This recent page for Tracy Reed Designs and Scrapbook Challenges is a new favorite for me. My son has always been fascinated by many of the same things as my husband. I love that many of their interests overlap. Plus it is interesting to see how their mutual hobby has changed over the years. Check out that older PC circa 2003!

I invite you to curate some of your favorite layouts featuring the father in your life. Be sure to share them with him. They are sure to bring a smile!

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  1. I love each of these layouts, but the first one is my favorite!