Monday, June 8, 2015

Project Life 2015 Goals: Spotlight on Superb Summer Stories

Are you caught up on Project Life? I'm not.  I could get caught up in berating myself, but I won't. Memory keepers spend far to much time worrying about being caught up. Instead, I decided to make a game plan. One which will allow me to catch up on Project Life for this year and which will also allow me to revisit the Stories of the Summer e-course from Simple Scrapper.

I completed my planning in three easy steps:

  • My first step was to download the free planning form from Simple Scrapper. 
  • Next, I took a look at which months I had completed for Project Life so far this year. January and February are done. March, April and May have pages started. The photos and kits are gathered in one spot. I just need to make the collage cards and get them into pockets.
  • Finally, I took a look back at my completed summer stories pages from 2013. I made a note of what I liked and what I might change. 

Using the planning form, it was easy for me to see that I could break my work down into small, doable pieces. I won't have all of the photos right away for the summer stories. I can probably work on a few cards here or there while I accumulate additional pictures. Meanwhile, I can fill the time by working on past month, one page at a time. 

I do enjoy looking back at my completed 2013 project. However, I wish the products I used were a bit more consistent. I already know that I enjoy working with the Traci Reed Designs Pocket Life Collections each month. It stands to reason that these can be my go to kits for this summer. For all that the formality of planning implies, you really don't need a complex plan to be successful. Simple works pretty well. Who needs much complexity in this summer heat anyway?

How will you document your own superb summer stories? Are you just making layouts? Or will you include them in your pocket pages?

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