Saturday, February 28, 2015

The DigiScrap Geek Podcast- Episode 21 and Calvinball Prepping

Calvinball begins tomorrow! What exactly is Calvinball you ask? It's a game we are playing throughout the month of March over in the Get It Scrapped forum. We're big fans of Get It Scrapped on the Digiscrap Geek Podcast. It's where many of us learned design principles, how to embrace our style, and most importantly, it's where we all became friends. Frankly, if I had never ventured over to Get It Scrapped, I might never have met my lovely co-hosts and this Podcast might never have happened.

 On the latest episode of the DigiScrapGeek Podcast, we talked with Debbie Hodge, owner and creator of Get It Scrapped. We covered quite a few topics, including Calvinball. I was asked whether or not I would ever go full digi. To hear the answer, you will need to listen to the show!

Meanwhile, I am spending my last hours before March prepping for the Calvinball shenanigans. It's going to be crazy fun. Fellow GIS members and the founders of Calvinball sat down to talk about the games origins on the DigiScrap HQ Podcast. I will be listening to this origin story as I mark photos for printing, rekit supplies and clean up my scrap space this weekend.

Will you be joining us for Calvinball fun? No matter when you decide, it's never to late to join in and change the rules of the game.

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