Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Sweet Sign with Deflecto Craft Solutions

Every time a holiday comes around, I have the urge to create handmade decorations. Sadly, as a homeschool mom, I don't always end up with the amount of time that I would like to have. Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I have nothing up to decorate the house with. I need a quick solution to satisfy my desire to craft and decorate. Once again,the Deflecto craft frames are the answer for me. I was able to create a quick, cute sign to grace my home decor.

My idea for this sign started with a vintage spoon. I received it in the January Magpie box from JBS Mercantile. I knew I would never be able to easily display it on it's own. I decided some sort of sign or art collage might work best. I searched the web for Valentine's day or Love themed phrases with spoons, but didn't come up with much. Finally, I found a free printable sign that would do the trick.

The printable was already sized at 8.5 x 11 which was perfect for this pink sign. Once the sign was in place, I simple added some washi tape, folded a few doilies around the edge and added the spoon. I had planned to add more, but felt the sign worked best in a simple form. I didn't want to cover any of the text or images.

I still have a little decorating to do for Valentine's day. I may even create another sign or two. We shall have to see how my urge to craft fits in with Layout a Day and my son's homeschool schedule.

Supply Options

The Magpie Box is available at JBS Mercantile. Each month, she shares a limited edition kit available while supplies last.

The sign is a free printable from Feed Your Soul. You will need to scroll down to find the sign I chose. It's one of the many designs this site has available.

Visit Deflecto Craft Solutions to find a store near you. Or look for Deflecto at Amazon.com.

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