Friday, February 13, 2015

The DigiScrap Geek Podcast, Episode 20: True Confessions of the Pocket Scrapbooking Kind.

I have a love/ hate relationship with pocket style scrapbooking. There are times when it comes easy for me and I love the pages. Other times, I find myself unhappy with the results. I don't necessarily hate the pages but there is just something that feels a bit off. In the latest episode of the DigiScrap Geek Podcast, we sat down with Jess Forester to talk about the different approaches to pocket scrapbooking. It was a conversation that has helped me see pocket page scrapbooking in a new light.

Prior to the show, Summer and I started talking about our pocket style layouts. We discussed what we were liking and not liking. We took a look at a few of each other's pages, trying to get a feel for what we thought might be that missing element that would make us love our work. We brought this up on the podcast, as well. I thought I might share a few pages and show you what I think is the reason between what makes me ok with a page and what makes me love a page.

The cover page for my November 2013 pages is a definite favorite. I made my own filler cards with ease and found ways to add parts of my November story to two of the cards despite not having photos.

My wedding anniversary is in November. Creating a layout about our day might have proved difficult. I had a lot of photos. I choe to document our day over three project life pages. I sorted the photos into groups and kept them together to tell a story for each aspect of the day.

Reasons why I think I liked these pages:
-The photos and stories are in a placement that makes sense to me.
- There are filler cards but not a bunch of them.
-I used many items from the same scrapbook kit. Everything feels well coordinated.

I didn't complete all of my November pages right away. I came back to them a few months later. I printed and placed the nature photos in 4x6 pockets. I ended up needing to stretch the photos over two pages to fill in the missing sections from my work with the previous layouts. Though all of the nature photos were together, it felt like something was missing from the page.

Reasons why I don't love this Page:
- Not much embellishing
-despite using color coordinated items, the page somehow feels off
- I am not sure I like the giant filler card
- I kind of miss having more of a mix of large and small photos
-Feels like I just threw stuff onto the page without much thought.

I know I need more practice making pocket pages. I don't plan to trash the ones I don't love. I simply need to make more observations about what works for me and what doesn't. Design aesthetics are almost always a very personal preference. Doing the mini critique with summer and talking about our pages with Jess on the podcast has helped me have a new perspective of my pocket pages. Planning a pocket page in detail still doesn't come very easily for me. However, now that I have sat down and analyzed my process I think I can move forward with more focus.

To listen to this episode of the DigiScrap Geek Podcast, click here.

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