Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Status: Done

Sometimes there are stories hidden within events. They call for a layout all their own, separate from the standard event photographs. They give hints at the personality of the subjects in the picture, but they also tell the story of the photographer. At first glance, these photos may not seem like much of a gem. However, as you pull bits of the story out, their importance begins to surface.

Status: Done by Christy Strickler |Supplies Patterned Paper: American Crafts, Basic Grey, Studio Calico; Letters, Tag,Sequins, Wood Veneer: Studio Calico; Tape: My Mind's Eye; Other: String, buttons

Neither the layout or the photo is extraordinary. In fact, I almost didn't use the picture. The expression on my son's face is one of boredom. He's done with me taking countless pictures of him and the fireworks. I know it's important for me to step out from the camera and to be present in photos with my family. This though, was a photo that told the story of me as the family photographer. Sometimes the person snapping the shot is present in their work without physically being seen.

This was a smaller story hidden within our Fourth of July celebration.  Yes, it's important to delete bad photos.After all, you can't scrap everything. All I am saying is that perhaps you need to think about whether or not an outtake has a special story to tell before you delete it.


  1. Beautiful job Christy- and you're right about the layers of stories behind each and every photo...:) TYFS!