Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tales of a Craft Class Junkie: Journey in Art Journals

I have seen them on-line for awhile. I have friends who make them. It always looks like so much fun. Until recently, I told myself I didn't have time for another hobby. However, I am now finding that art journaling can be a great way to experiment with techniques I can use on layouts later on.

Making an art journal page can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. If you need help with something step by step, you can try a class. I recently took Creating an Art Journal Page: Leave your Mark with Christy Butters at the Art Studio. The background for this page was inspired by that class.

The bonus to taking a class is that you get to focus on a specific technique or set of supplies. There are so many art supplies available that choosing the right ones can become overwhelming. Classes give you the opportunity to explore materials and discuss them with classmates and your instructor.

It's important to remember that art journaling is fun. It doesn't have to be full of deep seated meaning unless you want it or need it to be.It also gives you the opportunity to experiment. If you have a new medium and you are afraid to try it on a scrapbook layout, the journal is the place to play.

On this particular art journal page, I played with cutting out silhouettes from a magazine. I then covered them with black gesso and drew on them. I discovered that some silhouettes work better than others. I also learned about areas in which my drawing can be improved. ( I am not to fond of the lips). I discovered I really like using the white pen on black. I want more pens that might create the same effect.

The bottom line with art journaling( or any art for that matter) is to just try it out. Have fun and try not to be overly critical of yourself. After all, art is a journey.
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