Thursday, March 17, 2011

Winter Sunshine

  Spring is pretty much here, although, where I live, it feels like summer. We haven't really had a spring this year. Nor did we really have fall in 2010. The weather has been either really hot or really cold with no in between. The only reason that I know it's spring is because of the calendar, tax season and the time change. All of which has left me feeling tired and overworked. I find myself falling asleep during homeschool or down about things in general. Spring is supposed to be about renewal. So when did spring become all about taxes and time? As my son says, " the older you become, the more the magic and wonder of childhood goes away." He wonders at adults who end up constantly being serious and he tells me he does not want to grow up. I really can't say I blame him for feeling as he does. However, as I told him last night, as he lamented the fact that he was not sure there were real leprechauns( he recently discovered that his parents play the part of leprechaun and Easter bunny), sometimes we have to find our own magic and wonder amidst the daily grind of life. For me, the magic and wonder lies in the relationship I have with my husband and son. I see it when I am with them and then relive it through the pages I scrapbook.
   Speaking of I have chosen to revel in the remembered warmth of some winter sunshine. I live in a tropical climate. That means, on one day, you may find yourself snuggled in a jacket for an overcast day with 50 degree weather( I know that's not cold to all of you, but it is to me). Then on the next day, the weather is warm and sunny enough to go for a swim at the beach.

Two Peas in a Bucket Stretch Your Sketch

I captured these moments last December and chose to scrap them using my counterfeit kit.The Sassafrass paper reminded me of the sun. I chose a pink cardstock to lend the page a tropical feel. The brown brought back a stronger, masculine touch.
    For " Down by the harbor", I again chose the Sassafrass papers. I reversed my Cosmo Cricket papers to reveal a brown, sea gull like pattern. We were eating out at a harborside restaurant and my son wanted to see if sea gulls liked onion rings.Since gulls are not present in the photos, the imagery of the patterned paper was perfect. March 15 minute LO
Though I like grid style layouts a lot, I am usually not very proficient with them. I can measure with all of my tools, but somehow, I am always a little off kilter. I have learned to be ok with that. On this particular page, I used journalling strips to hide my slightly off balanced sections of the grid.
  Now I am off to hide my son's shoes before he wakes up. After all, it's what a leprechaun would do. Just because he knows I am the leprechaun doesn't mean the fun has to stop, right? Happy ST. Patrick's day!


  1. Thse are great layouts. I have the same problem trying to get everything exact. Not sure what goes wrong. I like your fix of journaling strips!

  2. First of all, your LOs are awesome! I love how all of them turned out. I'm a sucker for grid LOs and I think yours is awesome. I'm always a little off too but since doing the "Embracing Imperfection" class, I'm learning to let go a bit. So what if the pictures aren't exactly the same size or the edge is a bit crooked or the colour isn't an exact match? I'm getting there but I have to stop myself when I'm fussing and remind myself of my new mantra.

    I also think that if we learn to enjoy the little things in life, we will be much happier. Focusing on what's important to us makes us put everything else into perspective. I've had a rough week with sickness and car issues and have found myself getting stressed out about it. Thanks for the reminder to think about what's really important and what makes me happy!

  3. I think these layouts look great!! I always enjoy seeing your work. I also wanted to pass along the Stylish Blogger Award that I got from Ashley Horton the other day. The details and blinkie are posted on my blog:

  4. Christy - thanks for sharing our LOs and also your reminder that we adults don't have to be serious all the time! Take time to enjoy the little things in life - which makes up most of life!