Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simple Can Be Stunning

  With so many embellishment options, it's no wonder that I often will sit and tweak a page to the umpth degree. It's so easy to become lost in my stash as old embellishments become new found, exciting ones. Which items will make the page look the best? Sometimes though, I am reminded that less is more and simple can be stunning. This was the case with a recent piece of inspiration from Etsy. As I perused the multitude of possibilities, I came across this simple advertisement for a set of paintings:
Love Birds sitting on a Branch by Shannacreations

Looking at it, I was struck by the way the paintings looked against the background. I wanted to replicate this look on a page. I chose some bright green Bazzill cardstock and 3 photos of my cat playing.
made with items from March's counterfeit kit challenge

I placed the title in the spot where the painting description was placed on the photo. Simple, easy and fast. I really liked the way it looked! I imitated the design on the second page, improvising a bit by adding a second set of photos.

The bright green paper really helped the photos stand out. Simple lets your photos be the star of the page...as they should be.


  1. I totally agree! I love the inspiration, and your page turned out great!!

  2. That trio of painting is stunning! Great take on it! I recently posted a layout about one of my kitties too :)

  3. Those painting are so amazingly beautiful. Your LO's turned out very well..

  4. I love it! While I like to play around with different techniques, I'm always drawn to clean lines and simple pages where the photos are the focus.

  5. So much to say... first, I love your esty inspiration - I would totally buy that. I also like what you did with it... the colors are beautiful, love the use of your "white" space.
    Great job on the layouts!

  6. I love those paintings! You did a great lift from them.

  7. Super use of inspiration to create something really classy! Love the cat, love the photos, love the pages! Great job!!!!