Friday, September 5, 2014

Get It Scrapped: Piling on the New and Trendy

Trends are everywhere. From home decor to scrapbook products, we find ourselves motivated to use what we see in the now. Starting with product first can be a powerful way to drive the creation of a scrapbook layout. It's an excellent way to add the latest trends to your memory keeping.

When I start with product, the challenge is to find a photo that works with the supplies. Usually, I use product as inspiration when it's brand new and I have just received it. I have a keen desire to use it right now. It's very easy to get overwhelmed by all of the product as a whole. Using product as inspiration means that I need to narrow it down and focus on one piece to start off with. As I shuffle through my latest supplies, I choose the one that grabs my attention first. I then ask myself what it is that inspired me to choose that particular item. Is it color, motif, or pattern that is pulling me in. Knowing the what or the why makes it easier for me to choose the right photo to go along with the product.

Once the photo is chosen, I can then begin to add other items to tell my story. Having the photo gives me direction to choose the right blend of motif, color and pattern in the form of embellishments and patterned paper. Working with a kit or collection makes this step easy. If you have just one product, try a search through your supplies to create your own kit before tackling this step. Once you have a pool of supplies to choose from, the layout comes together with ease.

Be Yourself by Christy Strickler |Supplies Cardstock: Bazzill; Patterned Paper, Die Cuts, Chipboard: Basic Grey;Acrylic: Freckled Fawn; Wood Veneer: Freckled Fawn. Basic Grey;Other: permanent chalk marker

When creating Be Yourself, I started with the brush script patterned paper. I like the way it highlights different moods and time frames. It was then very easy for me to choose a photo of my son posing as though he was thinking.

I kept things simple by choosing the rest of the page elements from the same paper collection. Bold bright colors lend energy to the page and keep it from becoming to serious. The thought bubbles are a trendy motif which fit in well with the idea that my son is posed as though he is thinking.

Keep in mind that trendy items don't have to make your page looked dated. I used a basic block design. I allowed the products to speak to the story. Sure they are trendy and they did drive some of my inspiration in my product choices. However, I kept them from becoming irrelevant add-ons by ensuring they support the photo.

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