Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tales of a Class Craft Junkie: Learning and Evolving

I have talked about it many times before. Masterful Scrapbook Design is by far one of my favorite on-line class series. I download it on my tablet to I can take it with me wherever I go. I have been know to read through each topic several times...taking away a new insight each and every time. Just as I have evolved, so has Masterful Scrapbook Design. Once upon a time, it was just a class, now it's a warm place to meet with students and teachers in a discussion of one of my favorite topics: Scrapbooking.

 Today, is one of those days in which I am especially looking forward to attending class. Someone I know is teaching today. I started by listening to her speak in MSD seminars.Later, I would stalk her blog.She would become someone to guide and critique my work through the Get it Scrapped Guided Study Critique courses. I have come to know her, not just as a teacher, but for the wonderful person that she is. I am talking about  Doris Sander. Debbie Hodge will be interviewing her. It's not a one sided interview though. It's more of an exchange of information. Sure, we'll be focusing on the class content, however, it will also be a peek into the way Doris works with a little chatting and storytelling for good measure

I take so may things away from my interactions during these webinars. Mostly, I take inspiration and the need to try out the class concept. Even if it's something I learned before, I want to focus on it yet again. This time, it becomes me looking at it with new eyes.

This month, we are exploring the concept of tension. I have explored it before during several sessions of Guided Study Critique. It merits exploration again. As I peruse the class content, I find myself once again, breaking borders, playing with color in bold,new methods and looking for ways to add subtle, yet effective tension. What I learn in these monthly seminars is not always strikingly obvious. I don't always point it out each month. MSD has kindled a subtle re-imagining of my own process. Looking back at my layouts over the past few years, I can see how I have evolved as a memory keeper and I can also see the direction I am moving towards. I don't see myself growing out of the need for the Masterful Scrapbook Design series anytime soon. Rather, I see myself growing along with it.

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