Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Pie

As promised, here is another layout created with the JBS Mercantile November kits. I find myself using patterned paper more and more often as my canvas these days. In this case, the leaves were the B side of the patterned paper in the JBS Mercantile main kit. The rich red patterned of the leaves was awesome for a fall themed layout. I coupled them with ephemera from the Antiquarian add on kit. Spoons and spice labels always make the perfect accent for cooking themes layouts.

Created with a mix of the main kit, Antiquarian kit, and tape from the Artisan add on kit.

My son enjoys helping me bake our thanksgiving pies. He's getting old enough and skilled enough to do the whole job on his own.I had enough photos of each step of the pie process to create a two page layout. I am so glad I had the add on pack of papers from the main kit. It had an extra sheet of the alphabet paper in it which allowed me to have the few extra letters I needed to create this title.

For a long time, I found it difficult to use ephemera such as antique labels or book papers on my layouts. My style tends to be more artsy and fun and I struggled mixing old products with new ones. When using ephemera, start by categorizing it into a theme. In this case, the spice labels, milk cap, and  spoons were perfect for cooking. The price labels make me think of things sold by the dozen in stores such as eggs or baked goods. If you are not creating a layout that works with the theme of the ephemera, think next about use. I recently used milk caps on a layout about a kitten. It works because many people associate kittens with saucers of milk. Your next step would be to use the ephemera based on symbolism. I could use spice labels to support a story about a kid with a saucy attitude, for example.

If you are still a little unsure about using older ephemera on a new layout, try a kit club like JBS Mercantile. Their DT can show you how to incorporate the items into your own layouts. The ephemera is packaged to match that months' kits which will also help you to decide how it's best to use it on your own layouts.

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