Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekend Plans

Once again, I am sitting here contemplating the weekend. It never seems like there is enough time! The weekend always flies past. Regardless, we plan to enjoy it as much as possible. My son and I made pineapple bread today. It came out pretty good and it seems to be a good solution to having a lot more fresh pineapple in the house than we can eat.

We are sticking to our usual weekend plan: scrapbooking, hanging out and video games. My hubby just took our son for an evening swim. It's nice to not have too much planned other than a lot of nothing. I am looking forward to using my new JBS Mercantile kit. It has some awesome bird papers inside which are perfect for me to document some of our feathered visitors. I still have not had a chance to use my encaustic supplies. Maybe this weekend will be the time for that. there are also some buttons to sort out and put away.

What are your weekend scrap plans? We have a thread going over at the forum for SNR magazine. We hope you pop in.

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