Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sneak peeks and new SNR Calls

  I am still a little bit in disbelief that I have become part of the Scrapbook news and Review magazine staff. So far, I have had a blast making pages for the upcoming May issue. Working on these pages has helped me realize another little thing about the way I work. Some of my pages are more simple and fast. Others, I put a lot more detail in. I guess part of that may be my memory attachment to those photos. Some memories live bright and large in my mind, filled with emotion. While some of that brightness may have to do with how current the photo is, it also involves the emotions the photos evoke. Those pages tend to be created with a lot more detail. That being said, there is nothing wrong with the fast and simple pages. They too tell my stories. It was just an interesting observation I had.
  The May issue is close at hand. Just a few weeks away. I wish I could share the pages I have been working on. For now though, you will have to be happy with a sneak peek.

Getting pages published in a magazine is a very exciting thing. If you want a shot at getting your work published you still have time to submit for the May calls. Check them out over at SNR's blog. All submissions are due by May 6th, 2012. Remember, if you don't submit, you will never get published!

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