Monday, April 2, 2012

Calvinball final total-March the total is pretty weak. I could blame it on life, but I must admit that maybe, just maybe, I played a bit too much of gears of war 3 with Hubby. It was a lot of fun though. Both the calvinball and playing the game with hubby. So it's all good. :D

Calvinball recap:
1st time player- 1 point
late to the party- 1 point
1st time sub- 1point
layouts-8 points
layout in a challenge: 3 points
spreading the word-1 point
daily blogging- 5.5 points
Handicap- 1 point

total:21.5 points 

8 layouts this month. Still not bad considering. My layout output may very well increase again as I make more pages for Scrapbook News and Review magazine. I just won't be able to share everything I make on here for about 30 days or so. Maybe I can sneak a peek for you. There should be a new SNR mag out soon. I'll post when it's available.

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  1. I totally missed out that you're on a magazine team - congratulations!!!