Monday, November 3, 2014

Welcome, November!

I am starting off this month with a big announcement.I am joining the Simple Scrapper Creative Team.  I have been a member at Simple Scrapper for awhile now. I attribute the Stash Bash event as the means to helping me get my creative space under control. If I need help for a story idea, I can look to the monthly story starters. I am especially a big fan of the sketches. (You can learn more about the full Simple Scrapper team here.)

I often use sketches as a jumping off point to get my creativity flowing. I chose to start November off with my latest JBS Mercantile kits and one of the Simple Scrapper November sketches. This layout is a blend of the JBS Mercantile Main and Artisan kits.

The weather is awesome and I am settling into fall quite nicely. I have a lot planned. Lots to create and hopefully, lots to share. I adore all of my fall supplies. Both the October and November JBS Mercantile kits have checked off a lot of products from my wishlist. With the time change, I find myself feeling well rested and back to a productive schedule. Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year!

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  1. Nice!! I love the Simple Scrapper sketchrs and digi templates, finding the easier to use than many I've tried. I'll be looking for your inspiration there.