Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sometimes You Don't Make the Team

A lot of people ask me about being on a design team. Is it easy? Aren't you limited by the constraints of your assignments? Isn't it a lot of work? The truth is that I don't mind being on design teams at all. I find it fun. I like having a deadline. I regard the assignments the same way I regard the challenges on blogs and websites. I don't feel constrained at all.Getting to know the people you work with is another bonus. I have forged a lot of friendships with fellow team members. Design teams have helped me to grow and understand my memory keeping on a deeper level.

Sadly, good things do sometimes come to an end. Design teams often have a contracted term. When it's time to move on, it's bittersweet. I still have the friendships though and so, I move on. I always have my eye out for teams I might like to work with. Putting yourself out there can be hard. It's always a little difficult promoting yourself in those applications. Sometimes, applications call for specific samples. This means a little extra work on your part. So what happens when you don't make the team?

When I first started applying to teams, I would feel disheartened when I didn't make the cut. Now that I have been through it several times, I know that it's not a bad thing. In fact, just applying may help you make connections with other like minded people. Perhaps they ask you to be a guest. Other times, you might strike up a conversation and find you have made a new acquaintance. The nice thing is that there is nothing to stop you from applying again for a future DT call. Just remember that they often have tons of applicants to choose from. It's often very difficult for them to make a decision.

Sometimes, your style just doesn't quite fit what they are looking for. Don't run out and change your style. It's what defines your work. Rather, take the time to think about what you do and own it. At some point or another, that confidence may just be what helps you make a team.

Happy Birthday by Christy Strickler |Supplies Patterned Paper: Amy tangerine; Cork, Stickers, Wood Veneer, Acrylic, Flair,Tape: Freckled Fawn

I know I have a few style markers that sometimes are a deterrent when it comes to design teams: 1. I often scrap a bit crooked. I have tried laser t-squares and a variety of rulers to no avail. I could be frustrated. However, I accept who I am and I work with my quirk as best I can. 2. Not all of my photos are high quality. Some are older and taken when I was new to photography (like the pictures in this layout). Others have been taken with my tablet. I make no apologies about this. I work with whatever photos best tell the story, regardless of their quality. I don't like staging photos. I have only done so on rare occasions when I had a prompt to inspire the photo.

Recently, I applied to Freckled Fawn and I didn't make the team.When I don't make the cut, I do look at the people who did. Sometimes I can see that a specific style memory keeper was desired for the team. Other times, I might ask myself if I sent the best samples. Was the photography of my work good enough? Either way, it's not worth beating yourself up over. What's important is that you have completed layouts telling your stories. After all, sharing memories is the main goal of our hobby. Don't be discouraged. If being a part of a design team is something you want to do, keep trying. They can't consider your work if you don't apply.

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  1. You're so right! You win some and you lose some. Bottom line is to keep trying. Love the page!

  2. Good advice and insight, Christy. I haven't taken the time to apply to DTs but I have made layouts to get published that haven't been accepted. The thing I learned from this is if I stick to my style and make pages I like, then even if they're not chosen, I at least have another story shared. I can be happy with that!