Monday, October 27, 2014

An Autumn Sign with Deflecto Craft Solutions

I have always been tempted to make a holiday themed banner for my home. However, I am often deterred from making one with paper products. I worry that the paper banners won't hold up long or will gather dust. If I was going to invest my time and supplies into making a banner, I wanted it to last. When I saw the Deflecto Flexible Pouches, I decided I finally had a product that would help me make long lasting decor.

I started by cutting down several of the Deflecto Chalkboard Sign tags. They were thick enough to prevent any curling of the pouches when I put them on display. Though the sign tags came with a chalkboard marker, I opted to use stickers instead. I didn't quite like my own hand lettering. I decorated the outside of the flexible pouches with washi tape, buttons and puffy stickers. Putting them on the outside allowed me to add dimensional items without stretching the pouches. The string is simply some left over ribbon. I tied it in knots to prevent the flexible pouches from sliding off.

Shown above on the upper left are the Deflecto Versagrip Double Sign holders. I decided to use them to hang my banner sign. I am a renter and can't really add holes or hang too much on the walls. The Versagrip Sign Holders allow me to add the banner to some of my furnishing without causing any damage.

Initially, when I hung the banner, some of the pouches twisted in a manner that made it unreadable. I opted to glue the pouches together, then add small bits of thin chipboard to make it more sturdy. It became more of a sign and less of a banner. However, I like the final product. The sign should endure being packed and stored when Autumn is over. I can also gently wipe dust off of the flexible pouches should they become dirty.

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