Saturday, November 30, 2013

For Once, I am Prepared!

I started participating in 30 Days of Lists earlier this year. I have never once completed the challenge. It's still new to me and I haven't quite worked out what the best process is for me. Mostly, I have just tried to make a card each day as I receive the prompt. I think perhaps that this may be too ambitious, considering just how often life gets hectic.

I have been working on Your December Story and on a gratitude project. Both are coming along nicely. I think the success for those lies in the fact that I made kits ahead of time. I know a lot of other listers make a generic set of cards before the challenge begins. So this time, I decided to do the same.

I first decided the size page protector I might want to use. I will be adding the cards in with my Project Life album pages for December. I then cut plain cardstock down to match the sizes needed for the pockets. I found a sheet of patterned paper by Little Yellow bicycle in my supplies. It had numbers for most of the month. I cut each number block out and added it to my cards.

 The cards are simple. This will allow me to embellish them farther on the days I have more time. On days I am short of time, I can use them as is. I will store them in the page protectors, however I am allowing myself the freedom to move them around if I desire to do so. I might want to move them to accompany some of the photos for the month, if the prompt seems to fit those photos. I am hoping this will be the month I finish a full 30 days of lists challenge!

Are you participating in 30 days of Lists? If so, how will you be keeping your lists?

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