Tuesday, December 3, 2013

That Paper is BOLD!

Every once in a while, you come across a piece of patterned paper that is so bold you just don't think you will ever use it. Surprisingly, these very papers may be just the perfect thing for your layout.I received a piece  of bold chevron paper in the December JBS Mercantile kit and at first, I just didn't think I even liked it. The zig zagging chevrons were playing with my eyes. The pattern seemed to be moving. How would I ever use such a distracting paper in my album?

I set the paper aside with the goal of using up some of the awesome Christmas prints. I had no intention of ever using that paper. EVER. That changed when I happened across the moth picture. Several years ago, we raised Oleander Moths. Many people regard them as pests, but I think they are gorgeous.The have a black body with red and white coloring. Colors that matched the papers in December kit. Once the moths emerged from their cocoon, they crawled out onto my sons hand. Then, one by one, they climbed up his arm, onto his head, then began flapping their wings before flitting away.

All Supplies from the December 2013 JBS Mercantile Kits
The whole process was fascinating. However,my son wasn't always comfortable with it all. I found that chevron paper to be a bit disconcerting. Do you see the connection now? It added that depth of feeling to the layout that helps the viewer to feel a bit of what was going on in the story. Since the pattern was so very bold, I tamed it a bit by covering a large portion with the photos and other patterned papers. The wood print and the feathers symbolize the outdoors. I felt I needed very little embellishing. The simple die cut and buttons were enough for me given the bold print.

I often hear the argument from friends that they are afraid to join a kit club because there might be one challenging patterned paper in the bunch. They worry about not being able to use it. I truly believe that sometimes a pattern might surprise you. It could end up being that perfect print to use for your project. You can use any print, even if it's not your style, if you can associate it to your story in some manner. You might even end up loving the layout. I know I like this one a lot.

Tips for Using Bold Prints
- Tame the print by using small portions of it. Either cover large sections with other prints or cut away( or punch) smaller pieces.
- Keep embellishing simple.
- Use the print to add a bit of tension to the layout. This can work especially well when emotional tension is part of the story.

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  1. Congratulations on making the jbs mercantile team! So excited for you. Great tips on working with bold paper, it is nice to be pushed by a kit club like that.

  2. Love how you used the bold patterned paper Christy, and the arrangement of your photos looks great!