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The list is a long one. It's full of techniques to try and ideas to execute. I think it's a good thing to have such a long list. I rarely want for an idea, though I admit, sometimes inspiration eludes my grasp. The con to having a long list is that items from that list become neglected. One item surges to the top of the priority list while another moves toward the bottom. Using a foil kit was one of those ideas that fell off the priority list.

It's often a prompt for an assignment or a challenge from a friend which renews my interest in an item or a technique. When Michelle Houghton mentioned that she would be working with Gold Leaf, I remembered I had always wanted to experiment with the foil kit. It was now a matter of finding it. I always advocate using supplies right now and not holding on to them. I don't mean too, but sometimes specific supplies get lost in the shuffle. Out of sight, out of mind! Now that the foil kit was on my mind, it would take a little bit of reorganizing to bring it within my sight line. Organization is something I am always working on. I want the items to be put away but I also need to see them or know they are there so I can make good use of them.
Move some items here, donate some there, sort into new containers and, aha, there was the kit!

The kit is actually very easy to use. It comes with a set of themed glue shapes which you apply in a manner similar to a rub on. Peel off one side, stick it down, rub into place, pull off the top sheet then, simply lay the foil sheet over the glue shape and rub once again. The glue only removes the section of foil it comes into contact with. 

Waiting for Santa by Christy Strickler Supplies| Cardstock: Colorbok; Patterned Paper,Brads: October Afternoon; Letters: My Little Shoebox; Glitter Glue: Ranger; Foil: Making Memories; Adhesive Shapes: Colorbox;Die Cuts: Chic Tags; Flair:; Jewel: Hero Arts

The pack of glue shapes came with several sets of Christmas trees. This allowed me to fill a block within the layout. While I could have varied the style of tree( the kit had several to choose from), I preferred the uniform look of this particular style. Using the foil was a wonderful way to subtly add a bit of sparkle to the layout. I repeated the hot pink color inside the flair badge with the word color and a jewel.In addition to foil, the glue shapes also work with glitter and flock. 

I am glad I finally broke the foil kit out. It has literally been out of sight for almost two years! I am not going to buy more until I use these sheets up. However, I can say I have been tempted to get other foil colors. It's just so easy to use!

If you experiment with some gold leaf or foil, we'd love to see your projects in the Get It Scrapped Gallery!

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  1. Love the foil look on your page, Christy!! And that Santa tag is really fun!