Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not Quite Straight and Even

 I have always had a problem with lining things up correctly. I can sort of eyeball something and cut it fairly close to the dimensions I need. However, despite rulers and various scrapbook tools, I somehow always end up with pages that are somewhat skewed. I guess I could let it bother me, but the frustration of constantly taking pages apart( over and over again) just to find that I have put them back together, yet again, slightly off kilter has led me to believe I will never be a straight, on the grid kind of scrapbooker. It's ok. I guess it's just a part of my style that is inherently me. Besides, if I never told you I meant for this page to be nice and even, set  in the center would you have ever known? it looks like it was meant to be this way.
All products are OA with the exception of DMC floss,
glimmer mist in spring rain and perfect pearls mist in Biscotti
Someone told me it adds to the character of the page. Maybe it's a happy mistake. Maybe my sub-conscious did this on purpose. Who knows?!?! Either way, I chose to accept how I made this page and I really do love it just the way it it!


  1. It looks great Christy! I have a problem with that when I take photos of my layouts :(

  2. Had to comment to say that I struggle with this too - and I love the page - it does look like it's meant to be angled!