Friday, March 4, 2016

Game On! It's March and That Means It's Time to Play Calvinball!

First things first. I need to explain what Calvinball is to anyone who is new to it. It's a scrapbook related game created by my freinds, Doris Sander and Celeste Smith. The game is based on the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. It involves an ever changing set of rules and just all of us, having fun. There is no prize. The goal is to get us scrapbooking more. The easiest way to explain it all would be for you to stop by the Get It Scrapped Forums. The details are all there.

Now technically, the game started March 1st. I know...we're 4 days into the month. That however, is part of the beauty of Calvinball. With the rules changing and morphing( and you having the ability to add more rules), the outcome is never certain and even those who start a bit late are still guaranteed to have a chance at a high points total.Plus, it's just plain fun. If it makes anyone feel better, I am getting a late start this year.

It you need encouragement and want to know more information, then it might be easy to just talk to some Get It Scrapped members live and in person. It just so happens that the Get It Scrapped March online crop is this Saturday( tomorrow). I plan to attend and I know many people there will be happy to help you get started with Calvinball. You can learn how to join the crop here. It's free. You just need to register with the Get It Scrapped Forums to gain access. Registration is also free.

Meanwhile, to the veteran players( I have been playing for years), let the smack talk begin!

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