Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Exciting Announcement

 I had to share this...though I must admit I am a little stunned by it. I am now a Member of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine's staff. I am very excited by this opportunity. I think it will be a wonderful way for me to grow as a scrapbooker and to share what I learn with others. I really hope some familiar faces will pop by to check it out. There are some wonderful daily tips on their forums. Plus, it's always nice to meet fellow scrapbookers who have a welcoming attitude.


  1. How exciting Christy!! You will love it! I was on the staff from December to February, but just felt like it was too much for me at the time with all the other stuff I had going on. But you will love it...everyone there is really, really awesome!!

  2. Well done - that's great news! Wishing you a fab time there :)