Friday, October 8, 2010

Cards...pros and cons

  I have never been much of a person to sit and write(unless you count notes for friends in high school,LOL). Life is just always a thing of motion for me...full and complete, sometimes hectic. Sitting down to write or send a card has always felt so sluggish to me. Couple that, with the way some people regard cards. There are those who cherish a card for always while others say thank you and promptly deposit them in the trash. So card making is, for me, a difficult undertaking. I value my stash and I hate to see it put into the waste bin. I think it is for that reason, that my cards often lack something. When I am making a scrapbook page, it is always tied to an emotion. So it comes easy for me. It is easy to use things I love from my stash. For the cards, it becomes a more..."should I really use that here?" type of thing. Only a few cards have come easily for me...though with practice I am getting better.

   Yes, I am practicing card making. I should say, it might be a bit embarrassing, but it was the allure of the RAKs available that lured me in. As many of us know...scrappy mail and RAK's have an addictive sort of quality. And also, there seems to be a little more purpose behind the cards, which means making them is easier. DH asked for some to use as thank you's at work. He also asked me to make a baby gift card for a co-worker. It seems as if his request has opened the flood gates of creativity. So I guess I'll share a few of my endeavors with you.

This was made using a Sassy Lil' Sketch from the October card Crazy event. It was for the baby gift. I of course had to use my new cute little duckling stamp!

The following were created using sketches from the Sketch-a-thon at Sketches for all. There are monthly and weekly card activities as well as Scrapbook page sketches there...along with lots of chances for the beloved RAK's.

I used Stampin up's paper for these. The papers were so easily matched and easily used. To make the tree trunks, I used a Halloween stamp...but only inked the bottom of the tree. I then fussy cut the trunks and added the tops.


  1. Aww! Cute duckies! I totally get why you can't get into card making.....I struggle with it myself. You did a great job so I think you should keep it up! Thanks for using a Sassy sketch! Good luck! I hope you can get a little something something in the mail from CupCards{togo}! lol

  2. Great cards! I love the little duckling stamp! Love the trees, too! :-)

  3. I understand your card making thoughts. I had to reframe myself to love the fact that there are a handful of people who truly cherish my cards and that is what I focus on.
    Your cards are adorable! I love the ducks...quack, quack. And the trees are fabulous. Love the contrast of the brown trunk against the blue/white color combo. Thanks for sharing with us at Sassy Lil' Sketches!!!

  4. I totally understand not wanted to make something that someone will just toss. I usually give mine away to those who I know keep cards as keepsakes. I'm glad the prize made you decide to make one. Your cards are beautiful.