Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Sign for St. Patrick's Day with Deflecto Craft Solutions

I love those see through sequin pocket cards that so many people use for their pocket scrapbook pages. I wondered if I could replicate the same look for a holiday decor sign. Since St. Patrick's day is just around the corner, I gathered a few green and gold supplies and set to work. The sign came together easily in a little under an hour.

The first thing you will need to decide is which parts of your sign will be solid and which parts will showcase your sequin background. I decided I wanted a solid image in the center of the sign. I cut a large shamrock with my Silhouette Portrait to use as a stencil and then adhered it to an acrylic Deflecto Craft frame. Make sure you use an adhesive that will allow you to easily remove the paper stencil when you are done.

In order to create the solid portion of your design, you will need some spray paint. Choose a brand that will work well with plastic. I chose Krylon in Metallic gold. You might want to go outside for this step as using spray paint requires a well ventilated area.

While the sign is drying, gather two transparencies and some sequins. Since I used an 81/2 x 11 frame, the transparencies are already the correct size. The Deflecto Acrylic frames are available in a variety of sizes.If need be, cut them down to the size of the sign before completing this step.

 Scatter the sequins over one of the transparencies. In order to keep the sequins from falling to the bottom of your pocket, you will need to add a small dot of glue to each one. This is the most time consuming step in making the sign. I recommend using medium to large size sequins.

Once the sequins are relatively dry, cover the first sheet with another transparency. You may need to add a dot of glue to each corner to prevent the top sheet from sliding around. 

Some transparencies have a white edge to show which direction to feed the transparency into the printer. You can cover that white edge by framing the edges of the transparency with washi tape. This will also hide those dots of glue you used to keep the top sheet of transparency pocket in place. Use your sewing machine to stitch the pocket together.

You can now gently slide your sequin pocket into the Deflecto Frame.It may want to slide down a bit. If it does, add small dots of glue to the underside of the pocket in each corner of the frame. Once this has dried, you can add decorations to the top of your sign.

I am enjoying these quick sign creations for decorating my home. This St. Patrick's Day sign came together quickly and adds just that perfect little touch to my green and gold holiday decor. March is National Craft Month. What will you be making for your Spring home decor?

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  1. Very cool project! I love that you could just keep swapping out seasonal items in the frame!
    There must be something in the air right now.. I was outside spray painting gold yesterday, too. :)